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eames lounge chair calgary

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eames lounge chair calgary

Where can I find an Eames Chair replica in Calgary?

I love design, architecture, architectural furniture, etc. Some of the high design stuff is horribly uncomfortable, and the comfy stuff is either not adjustable, as you point out, A.Wayne, or is truly fugly.

Christian, FWIW, I took a quick stroll through both the HMiller and Knoll websites. There is a Herman Miller executive chair that is padded and adjustable, but it is a tad ugly in my book. Perhaps in white leather, to make it look a little star trek, it would work, but it has a very old fashioned office chair look. If you canot find it, let me know and i will send you the link.

I think the Aero is much cleaner looking (as is the aluminum group chair but as mentioned, the arm rests are far from comfortable, i still have one at a desk in the home office, along with a vintage herman miller desk from the 50s.)
g997 : note that the back rest on the lounge is low, so it really does not come up high enough to interfere with sonics, for me, at around 6 tall, the top of the chair is below shoulder height unless i really slouch down into it. I think the seat is too low for Christian though, given his height, as you said as well.  

Some good points already mentioned. My advice firstly would be to ask, do you want a chair to use daily? or do you want something that looks nicer, a better investment but needs a little more TLC? If yes to the first, go for a used Vitra chair, if yes to second go for a vintage Herman Miller.

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The vintage Herman Miller chairs IMO are far nicer. They have more character, the grain of veneer used is nicer, and in terms of desirability it is rather chalk and cheese when compared to Vitra with collectors/resale. However as Menno says, the vintage chairs can have issues with the shock mounts (rubber section that connects the back rest to seat section).

Over time this perishes, and with pressure on the back rest can (worst case + relatively uncommon) end in a broken back rest – see the pic below. The shock mounts can be replaced giving many years of further use, however to do it properly (bodging it can cause further problems) you would be advised to have someone such as Graham Mancha replace them for you. People use the wrong type of glue, use inferior shock mounts, even drill bolts through the side panels etc as they do not really understand the process.

A GOOD vintage Herman Miller example is changing hands for £4k+ now so they are quite a bit more expensive than a used Vitra. If you wanted a vintage chair I would recommend buying a good example, as fixing up a tired chair is expensive i.e replacement vintage cushions are around £1k, shock mount replacement is not cheap – it all soon adds up.

If you want something you can use daily, while still having an official chair that is worth something if you decide to sell it then I would look at a used Vitra example. Their prices new are obviously high, but a used chair can be had for around £2-2.5k, maybe slightly less if you get lucky. These do seem to be a bit more robust but obviously needs checking over properly.

I personally do not find the 670
particularly comfortable though,
for me it would be more of an
occasional chair/statement piece.
I would go and try and few first if you
have not already. If you need
any further info give me a shout.

What can happen, so it is buyer beware – do your homework.

It appears that ever since HM won suit way back in 2001

against Palazzetti Imports and Exports, Inc

(an Italian furniture maker selling knockoff Eames chairs)

their legal team has successfully pursued and

stopped anyone gaining traction selling reproductions of their licensed chair design:

Herman Miller vs Palazzetti Imports and Exports, Inc:

“The Real Deal” – The Eames design is the only chair protected by law:

Herman Miller Sues Canadian Company for selling iconic Eames knock off:

It is been confirmed to me by email as
well as on the sales pages for Rove
and IFN that they have both discontinued the chairs
(not coincidentally at the exact same
time and for nearly identical reasons)
. They are only selling current stock and then no more.

Does the Eames Lounge chair seat back support the neck of a 6 tall man?

A shopper on Oct 27, 2013 Best Answer:

The Eames Lounge Chair has a height of 24 inches from

the top of the seat cushion to the top of the seat back.

For most men over 6 feet, the seat back supports

them up to their shoulders in a lounging position,

however, does not support the neck.

Please give us a call at 800.798.0202 if you

have additional questions or if there is anything else we can help with.

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